How to Implement a Killer GTD System in Google Sheets

I run across a lot of GTD setups. But this one was shared by Josh Rensch over on the Productivity Guild and I have to admit that it’s rather unique.

A Year of Daily Logging - Rohdesign - Designer Mike Rohde

I’ve played around with paper journaling for a long time now but this seems to take it to another level. Definitely interested in seeing ways this can help me reflect on my day.

A Tactical List of How to Plan Your Days, Weeks, & Projects

Matt Ragland has a fascinating approach to planning out his days/weeks/months on paper. This is an article I’ll likely come back to time and again.

Backing Off Defer Dates: An OmniFocus Experiment - MacSparky

I’ve always admired David’s devotion to defer dates in OmniFocus. But it seems he’s playing around with flagging items from a larger list instead of trying to complete everything available to him on a given day. I’m looking forward to his end result post on this one.

No one makes a living on Patreon | The Outline

Patreon has been a service I’ve never understood. It seems like a great idea but it also gives off the impression of a sophisticated membership software much of which you can replicate with a WordPress site and a membership software like Paid Memberships Pro. So I wasn’t surprised when I ran across this article.

THIS → Social media is keeping us stuck in the moment

Here’s something we all know but don’t want to admit. But I love that the writer gives an alternative solution to the “latest-only” feeds out there.

005: Austin Kleon - Pencil vs Computer • Hurry Slowly

I feel like I’m linking to Hurry Slowly a lot lately. Jocelyn does an excellent job of verbalizing exactly what I’m thinking about a lot of topics revolving around technology and headspace. This one is especially memorable for me. Austin Kleon joins to talk about the intersection of analog and digital tools, a topic I’m quite enamored with.

Why forests and rivers are the most potent health tonic around | Aeon Essays

My sense is that we’ve known getting outside is an extremely positive activity in regards to our health. But I have to say this is one of the first articles I’ve run across that attempts to explain why on the microbial level.

Segment’s Systematic Quest for Depth - Cal Newport

I am far from a proponent of open offices. I worked in one once. I’ll avoid it all I can in the future. In this article, Cal Newport shares a story about Segment and how they did something to combat their open office and increase focus.